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About Kaisu Ilona

An aspiring content creator with a business degree, and two years of ​professional experience in marketing. Professionally, I have been in charge of ​multiple brands’ social media strategies. Personally, I am producing content ​for Instagram and TikTok and write about my UGC journey on X. My channels ​focus on fashion, beauty, self-development, travel, decor and food. Check ​more of my aesthetic and content by clicking below:

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What is ugc?

User generated content (UGC) is a freelance marketing ​partnership between the content creator and a brand. ​UGC creators (like me) produce digital marketing ​content e.g. reviews, product photos or videos ​showcasing the brand’s item. The brand purchases the ​ownership of the UGC material for its marketing use.

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Example of an UGC video for ASOS

Why choose ugc?

UGC is exceptionally cost-efficient compared to ​traditional marketing. Additionally, UGC creators give ​the brand a more authentic and trustworthy image. ​Customers prefer to see real people and real reviews. ​UGC is a unique way to open contact with a brand and ​customer. UGC creators are marketing experts whilst ​respecting brands' creative control.

My past work

talk through reviews, product demos and testimonials

tutorial and routine videos

aesthetic and trendy reels

product photo gallery

My rates

1 product photo

3 product photo package

5 product photo package

a short video (e.g. tiktok ​or reel)

3 video package

5 video package

50 EUR

125 EUR

200 EUR

150 EUR

400 EUR

550 EUR

Additional services: I have vast experience in ​managing brands’ social media channels, website and ​emails. If you wish me to help in this manner, email ​me and we can discuss the details!

*Sending a product/products to the ugc ​creator is the brand’s responsibility (DDP)

**A written contract will be signed by both ​parties and the invoice must be due before ​the UGC creator sends the final products ​without a watermark

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I’m here to solve all of your brand’s marketing issues and show you ​how easy and effective UGC is! Let’s connect, I’m sure we will come up ​with the perfect solution and package for your brand!

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34000 Montpellier, France